By Dieter Duhm

Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

What can be thought, can be done.

Terra Nova is the essence of over forty years of work on the question of whether humanity and the Earth can be healed. It shows how a morphogenetic field of peace is organized from within, and to what forces it could connect in order to oppose the global forces of violence and so make possible a future without war.
Dieter Duhm was born in 1942 in Berlin, Germany. He has a PhD in sociology, is an art historian, author and psychoanalyst. He is the initiator of the “Healing Biotopes Plan” – a global peace plan. In 1995 he founded the peace research center Tamera in Portugal together with the theologian Sabine Lichtenfels and others. Today Tamera has approximately 200 co-workers. Dieter Duhm has dedicated his life to create an effective forum for a global peace initiative that can be a match for the destructive forces of the capitalistic globalization. Learn more on Our Authors…

Fear is not a private problem; it is the psychological consequence of a civilization gone awry. It arose in the collective cruelties of humanity. The task of global peace work entails the dissolution of the collective trauma, which accumulated in the collective subconscious of humanity throughout thousands of years of war and expulsion, treachery and betrayal.

– Dieter Duhm

We are living in apocalyptic times. We see everywhere the miracles of technology, the glossy urban facades and the wealth of the elite, but we also see the oppressed and starving poor, the shocking degradation of nature and a mechanistic culture of war run rampant and out of control.

We have no more urgent need than that of a positive perspective for the future of life on Earth.

So far, our efforts to solve these problems have gone almost entirely towards creating new systems of energy and food production, urban housing, or matters of organization, communication and economy. Only a few visionaries have included human psychology in this research and worked to create holistic, coherent solutions for both humanity and the Earth. One of them is the psychoanalyst Dieter Duhm, leader of the so-called “emancipation debate” during the ‘68 Student Movement in Germany. He writes:

The human being is the cause of his own failure because he disregarded some essential aspects of his own inner world. The inner world consists of the driving powers of his soul, his libidinous longings, his sexuality and animality, his spiritual powers, his hopes and fears, his entire potential of unrecognized and untapped energies.

Forty years after his bestseller Angst im Kapitalismus (Fear in Capitalism), the author presents us with a deep and thoroughly thought out concept that explains a future of peace could be initiated in the world – for all nations, peoples and the natural world. It starts where wars emerge anew every day: in people’s day-to-day coexistence.

Terra Nova is the result of a unique and pioneering work, drawing from more than forty years of research into the construction of functioning communities:

In order to explore the inner structures of a humane form of existence, we needed again and again to review and change the ways in which we coexisted… If one wants to know how humankind functions, one should learn how a group functions, for a group contains all the light and shadow sides of our human existence within it.

The book shows how the peace movement can be organized globally and with what forces it can connect in order to be stronger than the forces of destruction. Yes, it is possible! We can end war on Earth if we truly want it and work for it with all our strength and intelligence.

Words of Praise

“This magnificent visionary book proposes real practical solutions for building a new world. Read it and inspire yourself. Change the world!”
—Andrew Harvey
Author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism

“This book describes the revolutionary potential of living for the earth and for humanity in the spirit of love and non violence. This is the ultimate healing. This is the way of human renewal.”
—Jim Garrison
Author, founder of the State of the World Forum, Gorbachev Foundation and Ubiquity University

“Duhm lays out a vision for both a transition to the post-capitalist world, and what it could look like. He does this in a non-prescriptive sense. […] He dives deep into the assemblage point of our collective fears and repressions, the real foundation for neoliberal capitalism.”
—Alnoor Ladha
Executive director of The Rules and board member of Greenpeace International USA

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Available Aug 16, 2018

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Vom System des Haben-Wollens zum System des Schenkens

Vom System des Haben-Wollens zum System des Schenkens

Geld drückt die Werte einer Gesellschaft aus. Das Geld sagt, was wir wertschätzen und was wir tun sollen. In einer heilen Welt würde das Geld allen Menschen und allem Leben zugutekommen. Doch heute werden die Dinge, die das Leben zerstören, mit dem meisten Geld belohnt. Dagegen gibt es für die Dinge, die dem Leben dienen, überhaupt kein Geld. Geld ist die Verkörperung von Herrschaft, Wachstum, Kontrolle, Konkurrenz und Trennung. Das sind die Werte der Zivilisation, die momentan die Welt beherrscht.
Wir nehmen teil am System der Ausbeutung, wenn wir am Abbau von Ressourcen oder an der Zerstörung der Gemeinwesen teilnehmen. Wenn man Menschen daran hindert, einander zu helfen, und Hilfe stattdessen in eine bezahlte Dienstleistung verwandelt, dann schafft man ein Ausbeutungssystem.

Stellt euch vor, ihr entdeckt einen Ort auf der Welt, an dem Menschen sich noch gegenseitig ihre eigenen Lieder vorsingen. Wenn ein Haus niederbrennt, kommen die Nachbarn und helfen beim Wiederaufbau. Jeder kocht für andere mit. Die Menschen bauen ihre eigene Nahrung an. Sagen wir westlichen Menschen dann vielleicht: Wir haben das Paradies gefunden? Nein, wir sagen: „Schaut mal, hier ist ein unentwickelter Markt. Wir müssen ihnen helfen, sich zu entwickeln!“

Der erlöste Eros

Der erlöste Eros

Stell’ dir vor, du wachst eines Morgens auf und merkst, dass du keine Angst und keinen Hass mehr in dir hast. Du erinnerst dich an die gewohnheitsmäßigen Sorgen der letzten Jahre, aber du hast sie nicht mehr.

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