A call for Global Grace Day, 9th of November 2020

We live on a wonderful planet. The whole Earth with all its interrelated beings is designed to spread the light of beauty and the joy of life over all its inhabitants. There is a system of life that is focused on unity and togetherness down to the smallest detail, just as bees and sage plants exist in a perfect symbiosis. It is indeed a system of love.

However, for several thousand years, a cruel hypnosis has come over humankind: The hypnosis of hostility, war and separation. Through the matrix of war, imperial systems have been created which do not work on the basis of love but on the basis of fear. When it became possible historically to spread the pandemic of fear worldwide, the great destruction began. Today, we do not really have a pandemic of Covid-19, but a pandemic of fear from which the virus emerged.

Today, 82 years ago, the Nazi terror began with the “Night of Broken Glass.”
Today, 31 years ago, the Berlin Wall fell. It is difficult to say that the world as it is now

has improved. We are still living on the foundations of hostile power systems, to which thousands fall victim every day.

The evolution of humanity is about to enter a new stage. As the “eye of evolution,” we as human beings can see what we have done on Earth and see the way to set a new order in place.

We are writing this text in the name of all the people who no longer have a home in their bombed cities and are on the run, without a place to stay, without warmth, without food.
In the name of all those who are now sitting in torture chambers for daring to stand up against injustice.

In the name of all mothers who lose their sons every day in senseless wars,
In the name of all children whose parents have been taken away, and today also in the name of all those that the Corona mania hasrobbed of their friends, their homes and their hopes.
Not least, we write in the name of all animals whose cries have long since stopped reaching our ears.
The observer, seized by nausea, quickly wants to turn away. All too quickly the mind seeks distraction or some form of sedation.

No one can repeat today what was said after the horrors of German fascism: “We didn’t know anything” – we know very well and that is why we are here to protect all life and put an end to the great suffering. Is there a helping and healing answer that applies everywhere? Yes, there is!

There is a power that is higher than all violence. It is the power by which enemies become friends.
The power that heals the terminally ill and brings peace to peoples and nations.
The power that gives the most determined groups their will and their cohesion.
The power that is able to successfully counter the existing system with a different one and to prevent all wars.
The power that can break down old walls – both externally and internally.
The power that gives children their joy, lovers their happiness, and revolutionaries their goal.
The power that finally liberates us from the inner pain of a traumatic past, from lovesickness, depression and loneliness, because it reconnects us with the power of life.
The power that turns the existing resistance movements into agents for a future worth living, because they have found a positive goal.
The power that makes our lives meaningful because we can do something for others and for the future – even if our personal longings have not been fulfilled yet.

Just as there is a matrix of war, there is also a matrix of peace. We sense that we are dealing with a radical change, even in ourselves. It is shocking to realize that there is a primordial matrix of life that has been waiting for thousands of years to be accepted and recognized by us.

According to a prophecy from the Kogis (an Indigenous Colombian tribe), we still have three years to change the system. Let us use these years to build a new world. Let us develop systems that are higher than all violence.

The power for such a rebirth of life on Earth has not been invented by humankind. It is anchored in the blueprint of creation, a universal order of life, which we call the “sacred matrix.”
In this order, there are no enemies, no military industries, no slaughterhouses and no fear. The catalyst of this order is love. If we live in this order, then we are –if one tolerates this word – with God. When love, sensual as well as spiritual love, is anchored in the very basis of the sacred matrix, then we recognize the high plan of unity that connects all life, because it touches something that is the same in everything.

This plan of creation has an inner imprint at the core of every human being and in the global heart of all humanity. Once we are connected to the cosmic healing field of this plan, any illness can be cured. Perhaps the so-called miracle healings, which have existed at all times – from Jesus to Bruno Groening – can remind us of this truth. This healing field is to be anchored and manifested on Earth today. Looking at the light and dark sides of our existence, an idea has clearly and inevitably developed. Today, we call it the “Healing Biotopes Plan.” The life matrix inherent in the sacred matrix should be anchored on Earth. It is a high aim– and a difficult one for humans to manifest. Now, a worldwide network of people and groups is emerging who want to help to build such anchor points of healing in a tangible way. The more such anchor points are created, the more powerfully the sacred matrix can be felt in the real coexistence of human beings with all fellow creatures.
If life wins, there will be no losers.

These are all facts in the hologram of the world. We come from a divine world and carry this world within us. Everyone has the chance to make the impossible possible. What is possible today in the field of technologycan also be possible among human beings.
For this purpose, some hints are necessary:
Stop projecting onto the present rulers and their institutions; regain your lost power. Do it completely, until no more fear or illness can stay in your body. But do it without hate or violence. Recognize the importance of sexuality and free it from all ideas of sin; expel every lie from your love relationships and give help to those who need it. Establish decentralized autonomous systems for water, food and energy, in cooperation with the cosmic forces from which all growth arises.

When the first groups and movements have realized this vision, they will cooperate, because now they understand their common goal. Out of this cooperation, global networks will emerge which will break down all walls. Thus begins a new epoch for life on our planet. The divine force can now permeate all life, because all life emerged from it. The word “sacred matrix” is now written with capital letters in the Noosphere and can be read by all human beings. The soul of the world has found its home in humanity. Like a soft gong sounding, it resonates through all countries.
War is over.